Warm Up Your Home This Winter With These Tips…

When the snow is falling outside, and the skies are gray, it is easy just to want to block it all out and curl up inside.

But don’t let the interior of your home get you down as much as the outdoors does.

Because, when the sparkle and magic of Christmas is done with and all the lights come down, it can all feel rather dull, suddenly.

Our interior designer gives these tips, to beat the winter blues at home this season…


The first and most obvious way of bringing your room out of the doldrums is to introduce some subtly warm tones to it.

This means gentle and warming hues such as terracotta, or a low level dusky pink.

These warmer tones will get you feeling all warmed up, in no time.


In addition to the subtle, there is also the not so subtle range of colors at your disposal!

Our designer recommends choosing carefully just one or two standalone hues, that properly signify burning heat.

Hot pink is an obvious choice, as is lime. But don’t over do it, no more than two or three per room, or it will lose its impact.


Anything that reflects the light is good for the dull and dark winter months.

The sun’s rays may not stick about long, so make sure they get into every corner of your room with mirrors, or shiny polished pieces of metal.

Anything, from metallic wall art, to a copper or chrome plated table can help bring some shine to your room.

Our designer recommends at least one shimmering or shiny lamp or some other metallic accent in your room this winter.


Of course, you want comfort in the winter and nothing says this more than plush furnishings.

Sheepskin rugs and soft, chenille throws help banish the winter blues and will stop you shivering to boot!

Anything that is textural and soft to have underfoot is a must, as are soft and plump velvet cushions.


Don’t forget to enliven your walls this winter, with a burst of something energetic or different.

Look for art works with color and texture in them. What you want is something to relieve the gray that is outside and the cold that is all around.

Anything that makes you feel better about yourself and brings a smile to your face in short, is what you need to see on your walls.

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